Helping to Build Positive Relationships
Between Adults and Children

The Parenting Centre is an independent charity based in South London, UK.

We offer a wide range of accredited courses in schools, Children's Centres and community settings to parents. We also provide training to voluntary and statutory agencies in facilitation skills and working with parents and their children. Our programmes are accredited with the Open College Network London Region, and range from Entry Level to Level Three.

Services We Offer:

Courses for Parents

Courses for Professionals

Courses for Parents:

Being a Parent

Our most popular course is 'Being a Parent'. It examines many of the issues of parenthood, including play, listening, dealing with challenging behaviour, looking after ourselves and maintaining self-esteem. It is a 15 hour course run over 7-8 weeks

  • Acknowledging and accepting feelings
  • Building self esteem
  • Understanding children's behaviour
  • Child led play
  • Setting boundaries and discipline strategies that work
  • Listening skills

Managing Conflict

Looks at causes of sibling rivalry and how to reduce friction between children by changing parental attitudes and behaviour, and developing conflict-resolution skills. A 20 hour course run over 7 weeks.

Parenting Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

For those who live or work with children who have ADHD. This course teaches practical techniques to manage and reduce behavioural problems associated with ADD and ADHD. A 30 hour course.

Living with Teenagers

Aimed at those who live or work with teenagers. Looks at changes during adolescence, negotiation, conflict and values. Also examines issues such as sex, drugs and alcohol. 2 modules of 6 weeks each.

Non-Directive Play

For those who work with young children. Develops skills to give total attention to the child and support them in creative play. The course encourages a non-directive and non-judgmental approach to playing with children and building their self-esteem. A 22-hour course run over 5 weeks.

Understanding Children

For those who live or work with children and want to improve the quality of relationships, develop parenting skills to bring up confident, happy and cooperative children. Takes place through discussion groups and small group work where skills can be practised in a supportive environment. Key topics include: self-esteem for parents and children n understanding children’s behaviour n listening and assertiveness skills n dealing with feelings and discipline. 2 modules of 6 weeks each.

Courses for Professionals:

Facilitation Skills for Parents and Professionals

A 10-day course in facilitation skills for parent educators. Covers parenting programme content as well as facilitation skills. Key topics include: being a group leader; listening skills; parenting course content; group process; communication skills; positive parenting skills; facilitation practice; group facilitation and anti-discriminatory practice.

Core Curriculum for Working With Parents

Devised by the Parenting Education and Support Forum to give those who work with parents a set of underpinning knowledge specific to this area of work. The curriculum consists of 6 units: working with parents; lifespan development; facilitation and groupwork skills; the developing parent and child; the developing parent and young person; supporting parents.

Facilitation and Group Work Skills

A 5-day course in facilitation skills and group-work theory and practice. It is aimed at parent educators who have their own parenting course material.

Family Intervention Program

A 12-week program for professionals and volunteers working with parents of children showing disruptive behaviours. May be health visitors, school or nursery nurses, or family support workers from the statutory or voluntary sector. Course covers behaviour-modification, systemic family interventions and developmental problems.

Equal Space Training

A 2-day training course for parent educators in working with substance misusing parents.